Transnational Meeting II

In March 2024, the Clubs4Europe coordinators gathered in Bratislava to review the project progress and settle activities for sustainability of the results. The meeting reviewed the use of the dissemination and communication channels and findings from the internal evaluations, carried out by the partners. Additionally, the outcomes and achieved impact of the project were discussed and assessed, as well as the steps for taking the project forward after its end, including follow-up actions for the engagement of the target groups and mainstreaming of the outputs. Good practices and lessons learned were identified and exchanged between the partners' regions, and further collaboration initiatives were planned.

3/20/20241 min read

The TM2 gave a possibility to the partners to meet face-to-face again, and prepare the final phase of the project, the submission of the final report, and actively plan the follow-up activities.

As results, was presented the project final evaluation report by EIC, the project outcomes and outputs by the responsible partners, the updated project website by ALPHA, the visits to the social media and participation to the video contest on YouTube by OTI. The partners discussed the development of follow-up activities, and thoroughly reviewed the supporting documents for the Clubs4Europe final report, including review of all budget items and their costs' eligibility. Last team building activity took place, including online connection with some members of the developed in the frame of the project Clubs4Europe Network.